​​​Underground & Aboveground Storage Services

UST & AST Removal, Transportation, and Disposal

UST & AST Fill in Place

Turn Key Projects including Site Assesment & Remediation,

Tank Removal, Disposal, Testing & Closure Reports

Water Remediation

Our facility is capable of treating 20,000 gallons of water a day and storing 60,000 gallons of water in our above ground holding tanks.

We accept water in bulk, drums, or totes at our facility; or we can pump and transport it for you.

Our onsite facility allows us to reduce costs for our customers and ensure that all product is treated, documented, and disposed of safely. 

TK Tank Services, Inc, TanksRepair, Sumter, SC


Vacuum Tanker Truck Services

T K Tank owns and operates two 4,000 gallon tanker trucks, a 500 gallon pumper trailer, and an 800 gallon pumper trailer.

We pump gas stations, car and truck washes, commercial septic, sumps, vats, tanks.

Pressure washing and triple rinse washing of tanks.



Soil Remediation

We are a Class II Soil Remediation Facility.

We receive, transport, treat and dispose of non-hazardous, petroleum contaminated soil.

22,000 square feet of covered warehouse and treatment area.

T K Tank uses a unique, effective, and environmentally responsible vacuum process to treat soil.